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Annual Report RACC Foundation 2019

In 2019, the RACC continued analysing the condition of the infrastructures through its Foundation, focussing on the accident rate and the improvement of urban mobility.

Annual Report RACC Foundation 2019

Pivots of the Foundation’s Projects

The goal of the RACC, through its Foundation, is to boost a mobility without traffic victims, environment-friendly, more connected, autonomous and intermodal, and financially more affordable for citizens. In 2019, the Foundation carried out 36 studies and mobility campaigns, and participated in 44 national and international working groups.

Among other actions, the RACC published the report “Let’s Turn Barcelona into a Mobility Benchmark”, with 45 proposals to improve urban mobility, and drew up studies on the capacity of public transport, the evolution of congestion in urban accesses, and the behaviour of shared-vehicle users. Besides, the RACC analysed the use of bicycles in the city, audited the safety of the Spanish road network and the road network managed by the Catalan Government, and performed an information campaign for members about the new regulations for the traffic restrictions in the LEZ Barcelona.

One of the most relevant novelties in 2019 was the creation by the RACC, together with the consulting company Deloitte, of the Mobility Institute, a knowledge and innovation platform dealing with the new ways of mobility, that integrates companies and entities from the most different sectors. Its mission is monitoring the new habits and new trends of mobility in the current times of change, and providing the keys that will help to decode their complexity.